Innsmouth '86 for Call of Cthulhu

  • Styrian Fox (bekannt unter anderem für Fear's Sharp Little Needles) haben einen Kickstarter für ein Call of Cthulhu-Abenteuer gestartet, bei dem die Spieler Jugendliche in den 1980ern verkörpern.

    Ich werde vermutlich nicht an dem Crowdfunding teilnehmen, da ich bereits genügend ungespielte Abenteuer besitze und mich die 1980er Jahre nicht besonders interessieren. Aber vielleicht hat ja jemand anderes Interesse. Immerhin ist die Qualität bei Styrian Fox nach meiner Erfahrung stets sehr gut und das PDF ist mit rund EUR 10 auch relativ günstig zu haben.

  • Ja, kann NerdFlyer nur zustimmen. Die Verzögerungen sind teils echt heftig...aber die Produkte am Ende gut...und hey...die 80er. :D

    Ich denke, ich bin auch dabei...

    Danke für den Tipp.

  • Moin,

    vielen Dank für den Hinweis.

    Ich bin aktuell auch noch am Überlegen. Interessant klingt das Ganze schon. Nun gut, 48 Stunden vor Ende des Crowdfundings erhalte ich von Kickstarter eine Erinnerung. Vielleicht schlage ich dann bei dem Projekt zu. Mal schauen. :)

    Liebe Grüße,

  • Aus einem Update zum Projekt "Occam's Razor":


    You guys may also be aware that the recent Innsmouth `86 project was recently suspended, which is in part due to Kickstarter recently revising their rules regarding new projects launching while others are still due. The team would like to thank all of the many kind backers who complained or appealed to Kickstarter to reverse the decision, it means a lot and we are doing as much as we possibly can to get your backed projects polished and delivered to you.


    Stygian Fox PublishingProjektgründerSuperbacker
    vor 3 Tagen

    Hi everyone,

    Well... I've dried my eyes and am now able to post an update.

    Here's what is outstanding and why.

    Hi everyone,

    Here is the statement I put out on YSDC this morning when 6 people complained that they were waiting for stuff.

    "Stygian Fox boss lady here. Let me answer some of the criticisms and give solutions.


    Hudson and Brand: Shadows of the Past (not yet due)


    Occam's Razor (1 month overdue)

    We've had in getting the writer to fulfill obligations. Frequent messages have led to excuses (after speaking to Brian who bravely rang me, he's been very ill and has been struggling so that is why his scenarios are very late.)

    New Tales of the Miskatonic Valley 2nd Edition (6 months overdue)


    The Wild Hunt (6 months overdue)

    Overdue. The previous artist doubled his rates on us so we hired another artist who is delivering excellent work but is playing catch up. Only a few items left but it's gonna take time.

    The Book of Contemporary Magical Places (1 year 3 months overdue)

    Released as 0.9 yesterday.

    Distant Realms, a guide to the land of Leviathan (2 years and 9 months overdue)

    Stalled. Plans are being set up for that.

    Hudson and Brand: Inquiry Agents of the Obscure (seems the top level backers still haven't gotten their Curator boxes yet (2 years 1 month overdue))

    (4 Curator boxes were outstanding, 2 have been given refunds, 1 is happy to wait.)

    3 Kickstarters are fully completed

    The Things We Leave Behind

    Fear's Sharp Little Needles

    The Book of Contemporary Magical Things (incidentally I got a printed copy from DriveThru whereas it's possible that there are still some backers that don't have their copies yet). A duplication by DriveThruRPG sent multiple copies to some and no copies to others. It also ordered PDFs which were sent but Print copies in the same order which were not. All should have their copies now.

    1 is in flight

    Innsmouth '86, the subject of this thread.

    In the next few weeks Distant Realms will be refunded, as well as the remaining Curator sets (excepting the personal friend who is happy to wait).

    In the first Kickstarter after DR (which pummelled our finances) my finances were in a mess. Since Stygian Fox went 'limited' with 4 directors and we took on Chitin and Fallon things have markedly improved. Communication is better allowing me to recover from illness (pneumonia, adrenal adenoma, and subsequent depression) thanks to Fal, organisation is miles better thanks to Chitin, finances are better thanks to Steve.

    Here's a point I need you to take note of though. Our recent Kickstarter production funds go to the project they were raised for. Our operating budget and 'catch-up' funds come from our new Patreon (Fal's inspired idea). It is this money with which we will refund DR backers.

    DR failed due to, yes, brexit. While the pound tumbled, foreign contractors rates did not. I lost money on that. The entire project was being run, co-written, art directed, drawn, and agonised over by me and me alone. When i contracted pneumonia and my tumor started growing I collapsed. When I was so ill in hospital I couldn't drink one backer said "Ouch. Pneumonia. OK, I'll hassle you tomorrow instead." That and the occasional abuse email crushed me and I gave up. I'm sorry. I'm truly, truly sorry.

    Catching up to today; I know have an amazing team who knows me, knows when I need to recover, and is working around me. They are everything to me and I will always be grateful to them. Badger McInnes, Jeff Moeller, Chitin Proctor, Fallon Parker, Jon Gibbons, Darren Pearce, Simon Brake, Genevieve Fournier, and others have pulled me up from the gutter and are the reason you still see Stygian Fox today. The future is much brighter than it was and I know I'm not the most revealing of how this mad industry runs but we're not sitting on our hands here. While one or two of those named above are no longer in the company, I will always be grateful for their help.

    We've turned a corner but you don't have to believe me. Wait it out and buy from DriveThruRPG if trust is an issue. We understand entirely.

    I hope you will support us in the future. If timeline is an issue for you and you still want to help us and want to see us catch up and deliver projects then we have our Patreon. We deliver an adventure a month for as little as $2 and the turnover is a month. Just one month. Also, joining today means you get access to both of the past two month's adventures.

    Anyway, don't really want to plug there but it's our company's lifeblood.

    I'm open to all constructive comments and suggestions to my personal email: You MUST put "SFX Comments" in the subject line or it may get missed. Any abuse, particularly threats or negative comments on my trans history, will be forwarded to the police.


    That was until an hour ago when Kickstarter "suspended" (meaning ended) Innsmouth 86 as a product. The Patreon money will now be used to keep a roof over my head and the delayed kickstarters will have to take longer.

    As of this moment, SFX's future is up in the air. I have made promises to people for Innsmouth and other work and will need to pay them first.

    I'm not going to hold a grudge against those 6 or so complainants on YSDC. The internet is full of people with differing views.

    It's nice to see the enormous outpouring of love and support. Thank you.

    I'm sorry I couldn't make Innsmouth86 happen for you. I now have to consider how I'm going to pay off contracts, pay for the art and video I used in the trailer and in the campaign.

    I swear some people think you do a Kickstarter and that we're all ken Whitman, taking it easy lighting cuban cigars with $100 bills. The reality of a small press RPG publisher is that I haven't paid my phone bill this month.

    Thank you for all your support.


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