About us

German Lovecraft Society

Deutsche Lovecraft Gesellschaft

We are an inclusive non-commerical association that is dedicated to the culture around Howard Phillips Lovecraft, as well as weird and horror fiction in general. Our club was born out of DIY culture by people who published a German fanzine and people who ran a convention dedicated to horror roleplaying. Since then, many different projects were added, like publishing a free and accessible roleplaying system by the name of FHTAGN, regional meet-ups, running a webzine, supporting artists, filmmakers and writers, running workshops and more. Studying Lovecraft's work is part of our mission and we are obliged to do this critically and unapologetically. By doing this we avoid glorifying the writer's problematic views that we openly speak out against.

All of this is done for charitable reasons. In the end, our club is a non-commcercial association according to German law and our goal is establising and fostering an open and creative community of people who like horror fiction and gaming. We want to encourage everyone to take the interesting parts of cosmic horror and become inspired to form innovative and new things or to take part in cultural activites with other people. The club has approximately 380 members at the moment.

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