• Scheinbar wird es 2020 eine Umsetzung von Uzumaki von Junji Ito als Miniserie geben.


    "Uzumaki takes place in the fictional town of Kurōzu-cho (which translates to Black Spiral Town) where strange supernatural events begin to occur. Spirals appear everywhere, first in nature, then in and on the human body. A curse has befallen this town, showering Kurōzu-cho with a slew of Lovecraftian horrors, such as boys turning into snails and girls’ hair coming to life. Kirie Goshima, a resident of Kurōzu-cho and her boyfriend, Shuichi Saito, must work together to figure out how to save their town from destruction while also trying to stave off the spiral’s curse.


    Importantly, Uzumaki will be animated entirely in black and white, maintaining Ito’s simplistic yet powerful style and avoiding issues fans have had with previous anime adaptations of his work. Colin Stetson, who wrote the score of Ari Aster’s Hereditary, will write all of Uzumaki’s music. Stetson is known for his haunting scores that utilize unique breathing techniques while he plays the saxophone. "


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