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    The idea for Fate of Cthulhu started with a simple question: what if Cthulhu operated like Skynet? In this game you'll face down Mythos-style threats with Terminator-style action and adventure, whether as a present-day Sarah Connor type, or an agent from the future already facing the creeping effects of corruption. This is Lovecraftian roleplaying made new again, with time-traveling operatives from a future apocalypse journeying back to the present day to warn others of the coming danger (and recruit them) to try to set the timeline on a new and hopefully better course.


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    • A corruption clock that fills up as you sacrifice more of your humanity to power or gain monstrous abilities (supercharged stunts), slowly transforming your character's aspects into new, corrupted versions of themselves.
    • A system for tracking key events leading up to the apocalypse that the players change through their actions and choices during play, including support for ripple effects and time paradoxes.
    • Modifications to stress and concession rules, including support for heroic last stands that sacrifice a character but help turn the timeline towards a better outcome.
    • A rituals and spells system that offers great power at a cost, treating spells as secrets of arcane Elder technology that must be sought out in play.
    • Five detailed example timelines plus rules for running them and making your own.
    • The full Fate Core game system condensed to about 50 pages but still supporting the standard Core skill list, stunt building, and more.

    [img]Fate is a system focused on story, where both success and failure help to create interesting moments for players and characters. Fate models fiction, not physics. In Fate it's as much about the choices your time-traveling agents face and the story consequences of those choices, for good or ill, as it is about those visceral, dangerous fights to save the human race. (You'll get plenty of both.)Do you sacrifice more of your humanity to gain the abilities you need to fight the Great Old One's minions? Or do you hold on to what makes you human and avoid turning into the very monsters you fight? When you choose to stick with or go off of your mission, how does it affect the future's timeline? Fate helps generate drama by pushing play toward answering these questions.[img]



  • Tja, was soll ich sagen ...

    Ich lasse mich hier zunächst einmal vor Ablauf der Kampagne erinnern.

    Ich habe FATE noch nie gespielt und zweifle, ob das System etwas für meine Spieler wäre. Aber es würde mich grundsätzlich aber mal interessieren. Vermutlich bin ich hier jedoch nicht dabei.

  • Ja, das ist ein deutlicher Schwachpunkt und hat mich auch abgehalten. Aber vielleicht ändert sich das ja noch im Verlauf der Kampagne...

    Da das System bei mir vermutlich nicht zum Einsatz kommen wird, würde mir die aber ausnahmsweise sogar ausreichen, obwohl ich in der Freizeit ungern am Bildschirm lese, insbesondere ein Tablet am Spieltisch eher stimmungsschädlich empfinde.

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