[REDDIT-LOVECRAFT] Question about Innsmouth and the Deep Ones

  • Hi all, new to the sub, but have been a fan for a long while.

    I've had a question about Dagon and the Deep Ones for a long time and thought I'd ask here. I know that the Deep Ones are Dagon worshippers, but how does Cthulhu factor into it?

    In Shadow Over Innsmouth, they do make use of the chant "Cthulhu F'tang" so Cthulhu is obviously involved, but once Cthulhu awakes, won't that mean that the Deep Ones will be destroyed right along with the rest of the Earth?

    Since they're interbreeding with the townfolk, they obviously attach importance to the preservation of their race/bloodline. So I don't think they can simply be dismissed as mad cultists. And Dagon & Hydra were the original father and mother so reverence of them is understandable. But if they are supporters of Cthulhu, the Earth is their only home (?) and they'll be destroyed along with us.

    Obviously, I understand that there's a lot of purposeful obfuscation in the stories and that we're not meant to know the deep motivation, only fear it. But, with this particular case, I get the feeling that it's not that, it's that I'm actually missing something.
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