[REDDIT-LOVECRAFT] Tideline - Conceptual follow on from the Picture In The House film 'Backwoods' [Self Promo]

  • https://vimeo.com/296653591

    Just wanted to share a short piece we made as a spill off from Backwoods (our Picture In The House adaptation). While location scouting on the rivers around me for a different project I got a real sense of some Lovecraftian feels. The first Lovecraft story I experienced was The Shadow Over Innsmouth (as an audiobook) and this resonated hard with me because of where I live in England; I knew it would suit perfectly for a film adaptation of the story.

    But I ended up considering something else; the notion that the old man in The Picture In The House probably exceeded his natural life through his acts around the sacred book. I imagined what it would be like if he was in a modern day scenario, where people might not easily stray into his house in the woods, and where his life force (now reliant on human sacrifice) would require him to go out and hunt victims rather than let them come to him (or face possible expiry). Taking some Russian Choral music of the darkest nature I could find, aptly named 'Do Not Reject Me In My Old Age', I mashed it with the footage from my location hunt which is partly narrated by a real life news story that fitted the idea. Being a cinematographer as well as a director comes in handy in these moments.

    The concept is the old man, in a boat, looking to burying a body he's claimed after taking whatever he needs for suitable ingestion and sacrifice.

    A bit long winded but never the less I just wanted to share this with people as it was fun to make and spawned from all the production around Backwoods and naturally Lovecraft. You may or may not buy it, but it's a great look at a landscape that is ideal for a Shadow Over Innsmouth adaptation (with a port town VERY near). I hope you enjoy the vibes! This a one man production opposed to Backwoods which was a proper crew. Sorry if I've over posted on here lately!
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