[REDDIT-LOVECRAFT] Ongoing Group Investigation results of the Cassidy Solaris / Dark Eroda / Big.Mozello.Com Lovecraft A

  • Thanks to YOUTUBERS: CBRADIOLOVER, Elrenia, UnionStationNightclub, Drop Rate, Alpha Beta Gamer, the research group on a dedicated channel on one of the ARG Discords, and a number of others who have helped investigate this particular ARG and/or do 'Letsplay's of the Visual Novels involved in the Metaplot of this ongoing ARG Itself, which is tied into the Visual Novels as it turns out, along with a series of eccentric videos and a rather cryptic website (big.mozello.com).

    Ms."Cassidy Solaris", or rather "Dark Eroda", apparent creator of the "Eroda Digital Tour", showed up on the radar of many people during the 'Visit Eroda' Publicity Stunt during November of 2019. She appeared to be gamejacking, though one could not really say that since 'Visit Eroda' didn't turn out to be an actual ARG anyhow.

    Visiting the 'digital/virtual tour' at https://visiteroda.itch.io/eroda-digital-tour showed a macabre vision of 'Eroda', implying something far darker and more sinister in nature than the regular Harry Styles Ad Campaign.It seemed to be a one off gamejacking, until a few people who had been trailing 'Cassidy' pointed out that her video channel on youtube ( https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCzrb1lJ1Dr7eji8UlBqGoGg ) was far older and there was an actual itch.io channel with her name as well ( https://cassidysolaris.itch.io/ ) with a number of 'cursed' visual novels as well.

    Some have pointed out that this is similar in nature to the old 'Stephanie Stephens' ARG, but this seems to be where the Similarity ends.

    Looking through the visiteroda.itch.io account, there are a number of other visual novels, some related to a darker vision of 'Eroda', some not.

    One however stands out.

    A special edition of ARCANE CITY: THE VIRGIN.

    For those of you not in the know about the Japanese Visual Novel Scene, this was a notoriously dark/ twisted cosmic horror visual novel by the infamous Arcane City Game Studios (Arcane City: The Virgin, Arcane City: Lyn;Lin), one of the 3 darkest Visual Novel Companies out there alongside Clockup Games (Maggot Baits, Euphoria), and Nitroplus (Saya No Uta).

    (The link to lyn;lin https://arcanecity.itch.io/arcane-city-lynlin )

    The version on the 'Visit Eroda' page looks to be some sort of REMASTER of AC: The Virgin, implying that ACGS and 'Cassidy' may be in cahoots.

    The overall theme of the games seem to be about a missing King. Specifically one in yellow. There is a lot of thematic relation to universes collapsing.

    I was informed that Arcane City Game Studios is heavily involved in the original lore of HP Lovecraft and is connected to the Kalem Club, the 'inner circle' of HP Lovecraft's original and extended author circle. Also, there appears to be the STRONG possibility of an upcoming cameo by a character from the most modern 'analogue' of Lovecraft, legendary cosmic horror Manga Writer Junji Ito, apparently Arcane City Game Studios has secured the use of his infamous TOMIE Character for an upcoming visual novel.

    Another odd tidbit...... we've seen rumour that one of Stephen King's recurring baddies may have a cameo as well.

    Could Stephen King, Arcane City Game Studios, and Junji Ito be involved in this whole thing? We're going to continue investigating and we will keep you all updated. It should be interesting how it unfolds.

    Any ideas or theories would be welcome.


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