Going to a bookstore that sells old Arkham books today, anyone want me to pick something up for them?

  • Hi! I'm going to a bookstore in my town that sells quite a few vintage Arkham House books for pretty cheap, does anyone want me to buy one and ship it to you? I'd only charge $5 extra for shipping on top of what the books price was.

    I'll updated with what books they have when I get there, but I know they had The Purcell Papers, Dreams from R'yleh (2 copies), Mr. George and Other Odd Persons, Best Supernatural Stories of HP Lovecraft, and others that I will list when I get there in about an hour or so. They usually run the gamut between about $30 and $45, though I think there were a few around $50.

    Anyone interested? Just let me know and we can discuss payment back later. Just wanted to help out anyone looking for any in particular since they're pretty cheap and in great condition!

    Mods feel free to delete if necessary. Thanks!

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