[Kickstarter] Cthulhu Dark by Graham Walmsley

  • "Cthulhu Dark" by Graham Walmsley


    Cthulhu Dark is a hardback book, 8.5 by 11 inches, about 200 pages long. The cover, by George Cotronis, is in full color. The interior is beautifully laid out, with stunning black-and-white art by Matteo Bocci.


    [Blockierte Grafik: https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/016/745/137/93028d67cc513ef051a4a68f06e13ef6_original.jpg?w=680&fit=max&v=1495224294&auto=format&q=92&s=3919f1fc6864c8a34c33d7ae6f91813f]

    [Blockierte Grafik: https://ksr-ugc.imgix.net/assets/015/389/417/de329b63efd396007ba74d63704e9b7f_original.jpg?w=680&fit=max&v=1486161837&auto=format&q=92&s=64a83f54b640cf87dc3b1ceaa43267f6]

  • Ich glaube, ich mache mit. Das Setting London 1851 käme mir gerade entgegen ...

    Den Stil der oben übernommenen Bilder mag ich auch ... regt meine Phantasie mehr an als ein Tentakel.

  • Als letztes 'stretch goal', bei dem die Höhe der zu nehmenden Hürde aber noch nicht beziffert ist, wurde folgende Mini-Kampagne angekündigt:


    [...] a Cthulhu Dark mini-campaign in London 1851, by Scott Dorward, one of the writers for Call of Cthulhu Seventh Edition. It's called Now We Are The Sons of God and it has three parts, all exploring different parts of Victorian London: Walk In The Light Of Your Fire, The Brightness of the Firmament and The Truth Shall Make You Free.

    If you know Scott's writing, you'll know why I'm excited: he has a love of dark horror that fits perfectly into Cthulhu Dark. I don't know whether to be happy or scared. I'll set a level for that stretch goal next week, but for now, here's one more.

    Wäre ja schön, wenn es noch klappt. 9 Tage verbleiben ...

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