Deep Cuts in a Lovecraftian Vein 2020 Digest

  • 2020 has been a busy year. Normally on Deep Cuts, I do a post once a week, with a couple Wednesday specials thrown in. When the pandemic hit and people started to quarantine in force, I decided to move to a twice-a-week schedule...and sometimes exceeded even that. So instead of getting 52 posts this year, I wrote 98.

    Among the posts this year were entries covering all of Lovecraft's collaborations with his female revision clients - I was very fortunate despite the pandemic to get access to some archival materials which shed greater light on some of Lovecraft's interactions with Zealia Bishop, Hazel Heald, and Adolphe de Castro in particular, so I actually got a bit of original research up on there this year...anyway, I put a lot of work into this, so I'm going to run through and create a digest thread.

    This was 2020.

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