Re: Bookshop Memories

  • Sawfish Wrote: > Those were *good* times! They were and they weren't, right? There were, it seems, at least in Portland and, I'm sure, other cities, more independent, hole-in-the-wall stores for used books 40 or 50 years ago. In my case, at least, there was always the expectation of finding something interesting at Powell's, etc. On the other hand, for me, at least, those stores were mostly good for relatively low-hanging fruit, and at the time I was doing things like building a small collection of classic Russian literature and picking up some fairly standard titles in science fiction, etc. But many years later, Internet sources and even were good when there was a particular book, perhaps rare, that one wanted. I haven't said anything about the inquiries-by-mail that one sometimes made. Did anyone here do business with outfits such as Blackwell of Oxford for British titles (in my case, like Gilchrist's Life of Blake)? But I'm glad to have had the fun of bookstore browsing in those relatively exploratory days, and it's often a pleasure to learn that others had similar experiences.


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