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  • Hey r/Lovecraft, I am the randomly assembled collection of molecules currently calling myself ab1uestreak. I've been working on an independent comic book for several years now and have recently dunked my head rather unceremoniously into the Lovecraft mythos. I recently came to the conclusion that one of the story ideas I had might serve well to introduce cosmic Lovecraftian horror into my series, and as a neophyte in such matters thought I'd come to you all for advice.

    My question is this: If a man sought immortality for himself or others, which of the pantheon of cosmic horrors might be obliged to provide in that regard? Things will go horribly wrong of course, but I want the story I write to be believable among the Lovecraft fanbase. In other words, I really want to do a good job on this particular story (much like any others) and thought you all may be able to help. Thoughts???

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