[REDDIT-LOVECRAFT] Unpopular Opinion: The Dunwich Horror is the worst Lovecraft story

  • Considering that I've often seen people call it their favourite story, I wanted to talk about my problems with it and why I think it's probably the worst Lovecraft story that I know of. I also want to make clear, that the part of the story I have a problem with is the ending. I think that the build-up we are given of the Whateleys is great but the way their story concludes is so horrible, it ruins the rest.

    I think the best way to put my criticism is that the story reads like a generic horror movie you would see and be inevitably dissapointed by. It goes against everything that makes Lovecraft special and ends up being generic and boring.

    One of my main problems is the treatment of the Whateley twins. You have two beings, children of Yog Sothoth, one of the most powerful beings in the universe. This thing has two children and one of them just gets mauled by dogs and the other magically disolves when sprayed with magic powder? This is such an underwhelming resolution for a concept as cool as children of an Outer God. Concidering that a great old one is able to just take an attack of one of the biggest war ships at the time, a child of the probably second most powerful being in reality loosing to a few guard dogs is pathetic and infuriating. Even worse, the death even happens "off-screen", when they find his body.

    His brothers demise is equally disappointing. It starts of decent with him wrecking the village, but when Armitage goes to confront him, he not only is unfazed by the fact, that he is looking at a spawn of Yog Sothoth, but his powder just banishes the being and thats it.

    Another big problem is the fact, that Armitage wins. He beats the beings, which goes against the very concept of cosmic horror. The fear of something so powerful that it is incomprehendable to mortals. If the mortal is able to kick that things ass, that kinda defeats the purpose.

    However, these are my personal problems with the story. If you love it, tell my why and what parts you think are great.
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