[REDDIT-LOVECRAFT] I just bought the complete fiction of HP Lovecraft for $17. And I'm loving it.

  • This post is purely so I can talk to other people who share a love for Lovecraft.

    Like so many other people I didn't attribute much to Lovecraft apart from Call of Cthulhu and horror genres with tentacle monsters in them, but after reading the first three short stories, "The Beast in the Cave", "The Alchemist" and "The Tomb", I feel it's truly a shame that his work is not praised more.

    His ability to dictate quite basic narratives (so far, in my opinion) and go to the extreme with how the speaker feels and how that comes across is a skill that I feel too many writers lack these days. Modern storytellers focus too much on complex narratives and I get lost in trying to justify characters' actions rather than just enjoying the story. I don't always remember what happens in stories, but rather how I feel while reading it.

    It might be a bit early to jump to these conclusions, but I just wanted to share this. Apart from my wife, when I talk to people about this they just raise their eyebrows and once I'm done talking about this, people immediately change the subject and we end up talking about taxes, a Toyota Camry or something else mundane.

    Much love, A new Lovecraftian fan.
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