[Kickstarter] The Dare - A Call of Cthulhu 1-shot

  • "THE DARE is a scenario ideally suited to a single session of play - for both experienced and novice players. It can be a fun break from Cthulhian horrors your gaming group regularly faces or as an introduction to the game for newbies. We're proud that Kevin Ross has given us the opportunity to resurrect and expand on his homage to the horror of Stephen King (among other authors) and are excited to share it with a new generation."

    "In THE DARE, players take the role of a group of average kids who are forced by their neighborhood bully to spend the night in the dreadful (and haunted!) Barnaker house. This being Call of Cthulhu, there are actually things in the house far more dangerous than even the most terrified child might imagine. The kids must then work together to explore the nightmarish old Barnaker house and investigate its mysteries if they hope to survive until the morning."


    Ein nettes Stretch-Goal:
    "$6500 - Haunted House Scenarios in the Call of Cthulhu RPG; I will write a bibliographic essay about every "haunted house" scenario ever written for the Call of Cthulhu RPG, totaling about 5000 words. More than just a list of "haunted house" scenarios, I'll dive into the qualities that make certain scenarios unique and, hopefully, inspirational. Backer at $10 and higher will get a PDF of the essay."

  • Für diejenigen, die lieber in den 1920ern als in der Gegenwart / 80ern spielen, ist vielleicht interessant, dass neben allen anderen ursprünglich angekündigten Stretch Goals auch folgendes freigeschaltet wurde:


    $7500 - 1920s setting notes and investigators. Not interested in the 1980s or the modern day? While not hurtle yourself back to yesteryear and play the scenario as it might have been in the 'Classic era' of Call of Cthulhu, the 1920s.

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