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#1 [ELDRITCH-DARK] Re: How old were you when you first read CAS, HPL, &c?

Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 05.12.2019, 00:48

This is the first of Charles Williams I've ever heard, too. Could be worth investigating if you list him among those authors. Lovecraft and Howard were the first two writers of fiction I ever enjoyed, making them a sort of gateway to higher literature, and I began reading them when I was 19, deeply impressed by their passion for ancient, distant, and grand things. But I'm no longer interested in their work these days; I find them both a little too repetitive and over-dramatic. If anything, I like their ideas and certain moments of poetic prose more than their general bodies of work. Smith is among the few authors I still enjoy today, from the age of 20, and it began with his "Tale of Satampra Zeiros" and "The Last Incantation." Smith wasn't such a melodramatic scaredy-cat like Lovecraft nor was he obsessed with masculine ideals like Howard, and I was enchanted by his wild, weird, dynamic, and totally passionate descriptions of creatures, places, phenomena, and people. Now that I think of it, the rest of my favorite authors are just a small handful of people I used to enjoy out of many authors I tried when I was 19-21. These include Dunsany (beyond his Pegana stories), Lafcadio Hearn, Gustav Meyrink, and at various points Arthur Machen.

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