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#1 [ELDRITCH-DARK] Re: A good weird/horror/sci-fi book to recommend

Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 03.12.2019, 10:52

Sax Rohmer was a popular author of his day. His stories often take place in exotic locations (Egypt, Chinatown). He is the creator of Fu-Manchu, an insidious and evil Chinese criminal. Rohmer also wrote "the Witch-Queen" Lovecraft mentiones in his "Supernatural horror in Literature". Many of his short stories are a piece of crap but some are really good. ("Tchériapin", "The Master of Hollow Grange" or "The Valley of the Just") http://gutenberg.net.au/ebooks06/0601181h.html http://www.gutenberg.org/files/41619/41 ... 1619-h.htm

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