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Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 13.10.2019, 01:59

Here's the Lewis horror story idea that I mentioned. I could see Lewis's "play" as being the basis for a story in Weird Tales, not necessarily a very Lovecraftian one, more run of the mill for that magazine. Lewis and his friend A. K. Hamilton Jenkin (who became author of books about Cornwall) had the idea of writing a shocker play. Lewis's diary for May 1923 says they were "almost seriously " thinking about writing it. "It is to turn on the idea of a scientist who discovers a means of keeping the brain and motor nerves alive in a corpse by means of injections. The victim is kept in cold storage but occasionally allowed a turn around the house, wearing a mask: the scientist tells people he is a poor fellow whose face was badly smashed in the war. He is always sitting over fires and complaining of being cold and always being chased away by the scientist for obvious reasons. "The hero and heroine find the corpse lying in a box room in its coffin packed in ice: but there will be a long leading up to the moment at which they realise that the corpse upstairs and the figure they have seen wandering about the house are one and the same. The heroine of course has been designed as the scientist's next victim: the play turns on her escape" [All My Road Before Me, p. 238]. Lewis later recorded (12 Sept. 1923) having had a "most horrible dream. By a certain poetic justice it turned on the idea which Jenkin and I were going to use in our shocker play: namely that of a scientist discovering how to keep consciousness and some motor nerves alive in a corpse, at the same time arresting decay, so that you really had an immortal dead man. I dreamed that the horrible thing was sent to us -- in a coffin of course -- to take care of. "D [the mother of Lewis's friend Paddy Moore, who had been killed in the war] and Maureen [Paddy's sister] both came into the dream and it was perfectly ordinary and as vivid as life. Finally the thing escaped and I fancy ran amuck. It pursued me into a lift in the Tube in London. I got away all right but the lift man had seen it and was terribly frightened and, when I saw how he was behaving, I said to myself, 'There's going to be a terrible accident in this lift.'" Then Lewis woke up (pp. 266-267). So we could imagine the conversation that Lewis and Lovecraft might have had if, in 1923, Lovecraft had somehow managed to arrive in England and meet Lewis. (I think it's more likely that HPL would have gone to England than that Lewis would have gone to America.) That lift accident. Did the scientist die in it? Did the hero and heroine?

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