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Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 13.10.2019, 01:59

Dale Nelson Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > Incidentally, C. S. Lewis, as a young man, had a > period in which his belief was very close to > Lovecraft's. "The two hemispheres of my mind were > in the sharpest contrast. On the one side a > many-sided sea of poetry and myth; on the other a > glib and shallow 'rationalism.' Nearly all that I > loved I believed to be imaginary; nearly all that > I believed to be real I thought grim and > meaningless. The exceptions were certain people > (whom I loved and believed to be real) and nature > herself. That is, nature as she appeared to the > senses. I chewed endlessly on the problem: 'How > can it be so beautiful and also so cruel, wasteful > and futile?'… I was so far from wishful thinking > that I hardly thought anything true unless it > contradicted my wishes." Dale, this is a very interesting quotation from C.S. Lewis. Which of his works is this taken from?

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