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#1 [ELDRITCH-DARK] Re: Lovercraft and materialism (new branch from the Hieroglyphs thread)

Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 13.10.2019, 01:01

Thanks, Sawfish. I tried an experiment, of rewriting three of Lewis's sentences. "The two hemispheres of Lovecraft's mind were in the sharpest contrast. On the one side a many-sided sea of poetry and myth; on the other a materialist 'rationalism.' All that he loved he believed to be subjective; all that he believed to be real he thought meaningless." So I have wondered what could have happened if these two had met under some appropriate circumstances, sometime in the 1920s. Lewis was around eight years younger than Lovecraft. By the way, years ago -- it doesn't seem to have survived as a digital file -- I gathered together Lewis's remarks, from his excellent letters, etc. -- on weird fantasy, and compiled them udner the tongue-in-cheek title "'Supernatural Horror in Literature' by C. S. Lewis," which appeared in Pierre Comtois's 'zine Fungi. If, sometime in the 1920s, Lewis and Lovecraft had compared notes on their reading in this genre, there could have been some interesting exchanges. The chief thing that comes to mind in this connection is their enthusiasm for Algernon Blackwood. Curiously, I have found no compelling evidence to suggest that Lewis had ever heard of Arthur Machen! In the 1920s, Machen was more popular in the US than in England, I believe. However, Lewis's library, as catalogued after his death, contained a collection of Machen's horror stories and the unsatisfactory novel The Secret Glory. But I suspect these were books that came into Lewis's library thanks to his marriage to the American Joy Davidman Gresham. Anyway -- a bit of a digression here, which I hope might be of interest. I'll have to see, though, if I can dig up the story that Lewis projected, around this time, based on a nightmare, which, as I recall, sounds like it could have been a minor HPL tale. (CSL never wrote it, I believe.)

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