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#1 [ELDRITCH-DARK] Re: Lovercraft and materialism (new branch from the Hieroglyphs thread)

Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 12.10.2019, 20:55

Interesting to read the contrast between your descriptions of Lovecraft vs Lewis. My present worldview, which I've held for maybe 40 years or so, is uncannily close to the way you portray Lovecraft's: nothing really matters, in a cosmic sense. Now, it may matter to the individual engaged in a hypothetical situation, but this quickly attenuates as one distances one's self from the individual involved. So this demonstrates that the reaction to the situation is subjective in nature. I'd postulate that Lovecraft, as you describe his outlook, was relatively comfortable with his worldview, while Lewis was at core a reluctant, and perhaps temporary, materialist. This may stems from an early religious upbringing, which I never had--don't know about Lovecraft. But for me, the key to being able to deeply enjoy an aesthetic experience--like coming down the long grade from the northern border of Yellowstone, into Montana--in what is consistent with a "spiritual" manner is that while nothing that you do or think matters in the universe, neither does that disquieting and humbling realization matter. Nothing matters, ultimately, but this does not necessarily inspire individual hopelessness--in fact it liberates one to undertake kind and positive, and indeed ephemeral and transient, actions purely for one's *own*, untainted satisfaction.

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