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#1 [ELDRITCH-DARK] Re: Lovercraft and materialism (new branch from the Hieroglyphs thread)

Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 12.10.2019, 14:33

I think Lovecraft was materialist (I refer to its first meaning, that of philosophically regarding the Universe as being wholly mechanical, not its second meaning, that of hoarding material belongings) intellectually, especially when communicating with others in letters and speech, to give a respectable and stable impression of himself. But in "spirit", or the transcendent level under his conscious intellect, in his personal approach to life and in his art, he was spiritual. In his helpful and generous treatment of others (see many of his letters), he was also being spiritual. I suppose spiritual qualities, to some degree, could be deduced to subtle chemical and physical functions, in other words being materialistic actions and reactions, part of the mechanical world, being those of the finer, more sensitive strains of living in our biological flesh. And being in flow and harmony with the body's fine-tuned functions and desires, assenting personal pleasure and wellbeing, choosing to draw positive energy, from such things as for example, selecting finer food, a pleasant living climate and temperature, being where our cultural roots are and near our relatives, and choosing harmonious aesthetic surroundings through balanced forms and pleasantly vibrating colors; and perhaps through dreaming, which could be said to be a form a planning for a better future. And being in harmony with the cosmic laws, using the particular body we have been given to its fullest function, rather than struggling against the natural order. Some of these needs for more subtle things of harmony may be too subtle for the intellect to understand, but we know them by intuition and they are present in our subconscious; and so while the appreciation of a sunset over old rooftops perhaps could be called a "spiritual" sensation, or at least a non-materialistic sensation, Lovecraft probably still rationalized it as a materialistic experience on a finer level. I don't quite remember, but I think he discusses such things in his letters.

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