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#1 [ELDRITCH-DARK] Re: Two New Averoigne paperbacks (or three?)

Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 10.09.2019, 16:45

I clicked around and did find this websites "Notes on Copyright". It is on the bottom of the page entitled "About the ED" created in 1998 and last updated 2013. It is rather uncommittal as to who owns the various copyrights. It does, however, acknowledge "permission" for non-profit use from CASiana and Arkham House (but without, for obvious reasons, expressing an opinion as which of these two entities owns which copyrights for which specific works, or versions of works). There, this website encourages readers of the site to buy every "in print" copy of Clark Ashton Smith's work they can find. Which is, IMHO, a fairly good strategy for ensuring that profits ultimately go to whoever (if anyone) actually owns the copyright. After all, it does not make sense to expect members of the general public to have an opinion as to who owns which copyright. If any piracy is done, the pirates can be sued and their profits seized, by anyone who is actually able to prove their claims in a court of law.

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