[Kickstarter] For We Are Many (Feature Film) Lovecraft Gothic Horror

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#1 [Kickstarter] For We Are Many (Feature Film) Lovecraft Gothic Horror

Beitrag von Cinemancer » 21.07.2019, 20:46

For We Are Many (Feature Film) Lovecraft Gothic Horror

 Feature Length Horror featuring stars from Hellraiser, The Exorcist and Human Centipede!

 For We Are Many is a horror anthology that features 13 chilling tales, all completely original, and created especially for our feature film. Each story centers around a particular demonic entity, inspired by a wide set of influences, from the diabolical creatures of Pagan culture, to the infernal foes of religion, and the unnatural horrors of the cosmos.   

 Whatever you fear... rest assured, there is a demon here for you! 

 Our film stars Nicholas Vince (Hellraiser/Nightbreed), Eileen Dietz (The Exorcist), Laurence Harvey (Human Centipede II) and Jamie Scott Gordon (Automata, The Black Gloves, The Unkindness of Ravens). For We Are Many is produced by Kickstarter veteran Lawrie Brewster (Director of Automata, The Black Gloves and The Unkindness of Ravens) and Hex Studios in order to develop an exciting new horror franchise that provides opportunities to present the works of exciting up-and-coming horror filmmakers.   
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Beitrag von NerdFlyer » 06.08.2019, 12:02

Ich unterstütze die Filmprojekte von Lawrie Brewster schon seit seinem zweiten Film und bisher sind dabei immer schöne Indy-Filme dabei Herausgekommen.
Daher bin ich auch hier wieder mit am Start.