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#1 [ELDRITCH-DARK] Re: W.H.Hodgson

Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 17.03.2019, 06:50

Minicthulhu Wrote: ------------------------------------------------------- > "The Find" is one of the worst stories by Hodgson > I ever read. No suspense, no horror, simply > nothing. An empty shell ... But give a try to "The > Hog". Though you must get over what we were > discussing in the previous posts - the almost > ridiculous monster in it. But it is an interesting > story from a certain point of view. I was able to find "The Hog" on archive.org, in a 1947 copy of Weird Tales. It is not bad. However, having read it, I am quite certain that Hodgson did not write it. Apart from other reasons, the quotations from the Sigsand Manuscript give it away. The Sigsand Ms. (in the original Carnacki stories) is apparently supposed to be 14th century English. Hodgson modeled his Sigsand Ms. quotations on Chaucer (though he did not do much more than deliberately mis-spell English in a faux-Chaucerian way). But the writer of "The Hog" just replaces "the" with "ye", which is a different (and in this context, far less authentic) approach to fake archaism.

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