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#1 [ELDRITCH-DARK] Re: A good weird/horror/sci-fi book to recommend

Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 03.12.2019, 02:34

That is very true. Smith certainly had a prominent sense of humor in even his most gruesome tales. "Necromancy in Naat" was a very grim and hopeless story with the pulse of a stone-cold corpse, yet that climax was so over-the-top I wondered if he meant for it to be a sudden jolt of black humor and cartoon antics. I'll have to re-read "The Hound" very soon, but I remember that having such a wild, wild, wild ending. I don't remember any other story where Lovecraft's characters break off into mad laughter while running away! And one of the strengths of "Horla" is certainly that it wasn't just a solid block of one tone, which can hinder the longer horror stories for me. I have a few Blackwood books I haven't finished, so I'll check that one soon. Blackwood used several different tones in his stories, so I can easily believe that. I never even heard of Sax Rohmer, so I'll investigate that immediately! As for "In Amundsen's Tent", I think the thing which brought me to a little fit of chuckles was just how sudden the tone shifted. It began with this feeling of overwhelming awe and majesty, of deep impressions of the gigantic, monolithic ice-world, and then when we get to that one tiny tent, the characters suddenly start pleading like desperate Looney Tunes characters, begging the main character, and by extension the reader, to leave! flee! go! In the name of God! Please! Ahh!!! The world is not prepared!!! Humanity is doomed! Doomed!!!

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