[REDDIT-LOVECRAFT] The Cthulhu Hack role playing game

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#1 [REDDIT-LOVECRAFT] The Cthulhu Hack role playing game

Beitrag von Nyarlathotep » 15.07.2017, 20:47

‪New version 1.5 of The Cthulhu Hack released on RPGNow: fast, flexible Lovecraftian tabletop horror upgraded. This is Lovecraftian roleplaying for the gaming group with no time for thick rule books and endless mechanics! It's entirely the same system as that released last year, but honed and refined over more than a year of open play and more than 1,000 downloads. Centred around survival and investigation, the game keeps mechanics simple and character generation simpler. New flexible character generation. New optional rules. Expanded format with an adventure and 2-page example of play to get you up and running. And backed by a range of supplements and adventures - including horror generator From Unformed Realms and adventure design guide The Haunter of the Dark (nominated for a 2017 ENnie Award). More than twice the content of the original in the same page count! Take Lovecraft and the Mythos back to basics - and may Cthulhu have mercy on your battered soul! www.rpgnow.com/product/182803/The-Cthulhu-Hack‬ submitted by /u/PaulBaldowski
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