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Hoffmann Price ist einer der bekannteren Pulp-Autoren aus dem Lovecraft-Zirkel. 


Den Thread eröffne ich aufgrund einer spannenden Anekdote, die ich über REH-Kanäle bei facebook aufschnappte. Erzählt wurde sie, da gerade mit The Highwaymen (Kevin Costner & Woody Harrelson) ein Film über die Zeit läuft.
Here's some interesting tidbits of history surrounding this event and film. Most of this took place in the state of Texas back between 1932 to 1934. When E. Hoffmann Price and his wife visited the Howard's home, Price and his wife drove down to Texas from Oklahoma. They were in a car similar to one Bonnie and Clyde had once stolen (a Model "A"), Price's wife was lighting up a stogie for her husband, and Price had the top down on the car.

It was dusk when they crossed the border of Texas. Minutes later, the two were ambushed by FBI agents and several Texas Rangers. The Prices were mistook for Bonnie and Clyde, which is why they were pulled over. This was in the middle of the Frank Hamer & Maney Gault hunt for Bonnie & Clyde (that this film depicts) so all border crossings into Texas were being watched. E. Hoffmann Price actually discusses this occurrence in the chapter on Robert E. Howard in his book titled, BOOK OF THE DEAD. This film is well worth watching. It will give you an excellent history of the tumultuous times Robert E. Howard experienced, especially during the depression era.