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#1 [Kickstarter] Dawn of Madness (Horrorbrettspiel im Deep Madness-Universum)

Verfasst: 26.06.2019, 09:58
von Joran
Hier wurde bereits auf das Brettspiel Deep Madness hingewiesen:

Inzwischen ist ein Kickstarter-Preview für ein neues Horror-Brettspiel im Universum von Deep Madness veröffentlicht:
Dawn of Madness is a story-driven cooperative game of survival horror for 1-4 players. Set in the same universe as the breakout hit board game Deep Madness, Dawn of Madness is a completely standalone, unique, and terrifying gaming experience. During the game players will assume the role of wanderers trapped in a feverish hellscape, surrounded by the distorted echoes of their own history. As one of these wanderers, you must seek to discover what led you to this horrific world, struggling to survive as your and your fellow players' stories unfold across multiple chapters in an ongoing campaign. 

#2 Re: [Kickstarter] Dawn of Madness (Horrorbrettspiel im Deep Madness-Universum)

Verfasst: 08.07.2019, 19:08
von Cinemancer
Sieht unglaublich wahnsinnig aus, die Details der Miniaturen, großes Kino.
Mal sehen was, das Gameplay zu bieten hat (LS müsste auch bald Starten).

Besonders gut gefällt mir
"alternate versions of the wanderers themselves, each one increasingly more corrupt than the one before, and each one able to take players into the darkest recesses of their comrades' souls."

#3 Re: [Kickstarter] Dawn of Madness (Horrorbrettspiel im Deep Madness-Universum)

Verfasst: 01.08.2019, 22:35
von Cinemancer
Kickstarter Termin ist mittlerweile bekannt: 9.9.2019

Und hier neue Bilder von der GenCon (Demoplay)

#4 Re: [Kickstarter] Dawn of Madness (Horrorbrettspiel im Deep Madness-Universum)

Verfasst: 13.10.2019, 16:57
von Cinemancer
So nach diversen Änderungen und Verschiebungen ist es offiziell.

Am 29.10.2019 startet der KS nun ....wirklich.

Kickstarter Draft ist erweitert worden und der Countdown läuft.

#5 Re: [Kickstarter] Dawn of Madness (Horrorbrettspiel im Deep Madness-Universum)

Verfasst: 17.10.2019, 10:16
von Crimsonking
Und der Kickstarter Wahnsinn geht weiter! ;)
Werde es auf jeden Fall auch mal im Auge behalten.

#6 Re: [Kickstarter] Dawn of Madness (Horrorbrettspiel im Deep Madness-Universum)

Verfasst: 27.10.2019, 12:08
von Cinemancer
Und wieder Delayed auf den 19.11.2019

It's Dawn of Madness Friday! Check out the preview KS page at! First off today, we have to announce that, unfortunately, we are going to have to delay Dawn of Madness one final time. We've always said that we wouldn't launch until we were sure we were ready, and, try as we might, we weren't able to make it by October 29th. So, we've pushed the launch back a few extra weeks to Tuesday, November 19th. There are a couple of reasons for this delay: first, it has taken longer to get the Deep Madness reprint out to backers than we were expecting, and we didn't want our DM backers to feel like they had been sidelined by DoM. Next, there are just a few more things we really want to get done that we couldn't accomplish if we were launching on the 29th. We really wanted to hit during the Halloween season, but launching at the new date will assure that the Deep Madness backers are taken care of, and it will ensure that we are putting our best foot forward with Dawn. So, we wait a bit longer, everyone, but not much. And the Madness is getting better (and closer) every day.

Having said that, this won't stop us from showing you some more fun Dawn stuff! Today we thought we'd show you the World Shard cards. These are the fractured remnants of the worlds the Wanderers are roaming through, searching for answers. Every Wanderer has four different World Shards to call their own, and a number of things can happen on those World Shards. First, if the World Shard you're on belongs to your Wanderer, then you can pay the resource cost along the side of the card to enter a Memory, which can boost your Wanderer's stats and also reveal more of your story. Then, next to the Memory requirement, are three Sentience icons. These three icons can be exploited by you to gain more resources of those colors/Sentience, but they are also used by your enemies to activate new abilities and determine the only ways you can hurt them for that round. Then, last of all, there is an action or effect along the bottom of the World Shard which can serve as both a help and, in some cases, a hindrance. (We've included one from each of the four core Wanderers below.)

Okay, that's it for this Friday! Once again, cross out the 29th and circle November 19th, friends! It'll be worth the wait!

#7 Re: [Kickstarter] Dawn of Madness (Horrorbrettspiel im Deep Madness-Universum)

Verfasst: 29.11.2019, 09:09
von Crimsonking
Die Kickstarter Kampagne ist schon ein paar Tage am laufen und zum heutigen Black Friday
gibt es ein vergünstigtes All-In Paket. 313$ ist schon ne Ansage. :o