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#1 [Kickstarter] Cultistorm - Purple Meeple Games

Beitrag von Joran » 05.12.2018, 12:13

"Cultistorm - More than an ordinary board game
- 1000+ cards,
- 12 expansions,
- miniatures,
- a short story collection,
- 400 narrative stories,
- Graham Plowman Soundtrack and
- a unique gamebox

For us Cultistorm is an expression of our respect and love for Lovecraft. It’s more than just an ordinary board game.  Our subject choice wasn’t motivated by business reasons, but a very  deep commitment to the work and heritage of H.P. Lovecraft. We would  like to create a great board game to those who know and love Lovecraft,  and we would like to make Lovecraft’s work known to those who are board  game fans."

EU-Friendly Shipping
unter bestimmten Bedingungen auch in deutscher Sprache

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Unnatürliches Wissen

Beitrag von Dark_Pharaoh » 05.12.2018, 12:29

1.500 Unterstützer ist unwahrscheinlich, sieht aber ziemlich cool aus. Mal genauer einlesen und dann überlegen.


Beitrag von Joran » 05.12.2018, 12:37

Ja, 1.500 deutschsprachige Unterstützer ist wirklich ziemlich hoch gegriffen (andererseits: bereits über 100 deutsche Backer in einem Tag und 41 Tage verbleibend).
Aber ab 500 Unterstützern gibt es immerhin die Übersetzung als pdf. Das sollte zu schaffen sein.
Vielleicht wird die Grenze ja auch während des Crowdfundings noch ein wenig gesenkt.


Ich bin hier erst einmal eingestiegen. Zurückziehen kann man ja immer noch.


Beitrag von Joran » 06.12.2018, 12:26

Tag 2: 184 Unterstützer aus Deutschland und ggf. weitere aus dem deutschsprachigen Ausland ...


Beitrag von Joran » 09.12.2018, 23:14

We’re in negotiations with the manufacturers about how it would be possible to make the language packs available regardless of the number of backers.


Beitrag von Joran » 18.12.2018, 17:21

Das Cultistorm-Crowdfunding wurde sehr früh vom Projektgründer abgebrochen. Es soll neu strukturiert werden und dann einen zweiten Anlauf nehmen.

Wer sich für die Gründe interessiert:
We have decided to re-launch but we’ll be back soon!

Dear Backers!  We have evaluated and revised our Campaign thoroughly, taking your feedback and suggestions into consideration and we have decided to re-launch the Cultistorm Campaign. We are going to restructure the project, we’ll have new pledge levels, and the language packs will be available right from the start of our campaign. We will correct our mistakes and missteps to return with a much better Campaign and a much more attractive offer. We would like to thank everyone who supported us and believed in us! We are very proud of you all, because it’s a great number. As a First Creator, getting nearly 1700 backers and 200.000. USD in the first few days is a great honour and we are very grateful for your trust and support. Thank you very much for your kind words, the recognition and we also thank you for all the constructive criticism which helped us realize our mistakes.It was good to see that so many people supported our open and transparent campaign strategy. You understood our motivation and you remained loyal to us even with our high funding goals.

It was good to see that the content and the concept of Cultistorm received such a big support and trust starting from the first minute. 

We believe that Cultistorm in its entirety is a truly unique and special board game project and it is very encouraging for us to see, that based on your feedback, you feel the same.

There are some basic principles and values that we will keep following even in the future as they are part of the identity of Purple Meeple Games. However, the current structure and concept of our campaign was flawed, and we already know how to make it much better.  You could see that we have always been honest and straightforward in our communication. Therefore, we don’t shy away from admitting our mistakes and shortcomings. We have learned a great deal from this first attempt and we believe that we can return with a more improved and better campaign. Looking at some classified data and not public details we firmly believe that there are still considerable potential left in the Cultistorm project, so if we continued working hard in the next thirty days we would probably manage to reach our funding goal, however we know that this is not enough either for us or for you. Our countless hours of work and faith in Cultistorm, the hidden potential of the project and most importantly, your support and trust deserve much more than what we could achieve with this current campaign. We didn’t create all the content: expansion modules, extras, etc. not to be able to give it to you. For us the All-in pledge truly means an ALL-IN. We want to give you all the extra content. However, this current campaign system wasn’t the best for this purpose. That is why we will return with a better system and new pledge levels, where you don’t have to buy things you don’t need and you can have everything you wish for. We will deliver high quality language packs (regardless of the backer number), differentiated shipping costs, and clear deals for our retailers.

We would ask you for your continued support, do not discard your pledge so that we can communicate with you even after this current campaign stops. We would like to send you constant updates about our preparations and pre-launch details. Stay with us brave investigators so that when the moment comes, we can once again ask for your support.

Thank you very much.

Nun steht zu hoffen, dass die Hürde für Print-Versionen in weiteren Sprachen niedriger ausfallen wird.


Beitrag von Joran » 18.04.2019, 11:05

Cultistorm Pre-Launch Page für den zweiten Anlauf ist aktiv:

https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/97 ... n=4c2ed0d6


Beitrag von Joran » 01.05.2019, 15:38

Und hier ist der zweite Anlauf: