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Beitrag von Case » 14.05.2017, 21:42

Welcome to the place to be for an all new modern horror RPG fanzine – The Dark Times. Supporting many modern horror roleplaying games such as Call of Cthulhu and Delta Green, it looks to emulate the success of its predecessors DEMONGROUND and Protodimension Magazine! Here is our full announcement:

“Our new roleplaying publication The Dark Times Fanzine is looking for submissions. We are a free pdf magazine dealing with all aspects of the horror, conspiracy and weird roleplaying genres, and our publication will contain material for several game systems. Apart from gaming material we also accept anything that can act as inspiration for games, or has been inspired by them. This includes short fiction, artwork, movie & TV reviews, and even poetry should the muse strike you! ... s-fanzine/
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